Monday, June 27, 2011

OK then, time to get the word out

Hi folks ! This is just a short intro blurb to introduce my self to Planet Eclipse...I'll scandalously steal most of this from by blog bio ;-).

My name is Eric Moffatt, I'm a tech fogie, having been in the User Interface arena for over 30 years (40 if you include the fact that my second ever program, Dartmouth Basic on a teletype, printed a triangle of asterisks). If we fast forward a bit I'm now an IBM employee and I've been a committer on the Eclipse Platform UI team since Eclipse 3.0 (and love it!).

I've also been involved with 'e4' since the original summit in 2008 and I'm an e4 committer as well as being the Eclipse 4 SDK development lead. This, of course, is what has brought me to the blogosphere...getting the word out about Eclipse 4.

I'll be immediately following this post with the first of quite a few specifically targeted at Eclipse 4 architecture and features. Various blog topics have been building up while I've been focused on the Eclipse 4.1 release, finally I have the time to put them together.


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